THOMAS C. DEANE, PG/CHG (CA), RG (AZ) - (775) 895-1994, PO Box 131, Silver Springs NV 89429
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Contract geologist/hydrogeologist available for your company's long-/short-term geological/water resource/groundwater/mining projects
MHSA 5000-23 surface metal/non-metal certificate (4/19/23)

Frustrated with new, book-smart graduates that are unable to complete field/office tasks without constantly calling you for guidance?
Do you need a senior professional to effectively train junior professionals?
Or, do you just need an experienced "warm body" next to a drill rig?
I have over 30 years of professional domestic/international experience (e.g., "insurance") to tackle these situations.
I am reasonably-priced and just not interested in retiring...
So, give me a call or email me at, and let's discuss your project needs.

 Recent projects highlighted on this website:
OMYA California Inc.'s White Knob Quarry, Lucerne Valley CA (2005-2019)
Effects of August 2003 Debris Flow and Superposition of Seasonal Spring Flow on Multi-Year Variable
Spring Base Flow Conditions at Ruby Springs
Orange Crest/Mission Grove Area (OCMGA), Riverside CA (2008-2012)
OCMGA Part 1: Visual Quantification of Surface Water Outflow Resulting From
Over-Irrigation of OCMGA Residential/Business Landscaping

North Reach Perris Valley Pipeline, Riverside CA (2008-2009)
OCMGA Part 2: Groundwater Problems Caused by Shallow Bedrock Paleochannels/Nearby Septic Systems
During Installation of Large-Diameter Regional Water Supply Pipeline

Older projects highlighted on this website:

Apache Powder Superfund Site, Benson AZ (1998-2000)
Effects of Paleochannels on Groundwater Contaminant Plume Migration (University of Arizona MS Thesis)

Lehel Electrolux, Hungary (1993-1994)
Effects of Zagyva River Paleosediments on Expected Jaszbereny Factory Groundwater Flow 
Selected projects not highlighted on this website:
Santa Ana River Interceptor (SARI) Post-Construction Dewatering Investigation (Gypsum Canyon CA; for W.A. Rasic Construction)
Compania Minera Dona Ines, Salares de Coposa y Michincha (Chile)
AMAX Sleeper Gold Prospect (Winnemucca NV; AMAX Exploration)
Brown and Bryant Superfund Site (Arvin CA)
Stringfellow Superfund Site (Riverside CA)
Operating Industries Inc. Superfund Site (Monterey Park CA)
Pacific Airmotive Corporation (Burbank CA)
Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base (Oceanside CA)
McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Corporation (Huntington Beach, CA)
The Walt Disney Studios (Burbank CA)
Dow Chemical Company v. United States of America (Midland MI)
Several Municipal Water Wells (Anaheim/Cucamonga/Lompoc CA, Tempe AZ)

"When you understand how your hydrologic system works, only then can you truly use it to your advantage" - Thomas C. Deane circa 2000